U-TOTE: The low-cost but Heavy-Duty Bag for Your Heavy lifting needs

Most Common Uses

Load the U-TOTE with your "Stuff" then TOTE it to the Dumpster, Pick up Truck, Mini-Van and then TOTE it to your destination, empty it and bring your U-TOTE back for multiple more uses! You have to love that!

  • Renovation / Remodel debris
  • Storm cleanup
  • Hauling pine straw or hay from your local store to you job location
  • Lawn and garden cleanup
  • Cleaning out the garage, attic or basement
  • Moving to a home or college dorm
  • Firewood Hauling
  • Just about anything you want to TOTE!
  • UT3060 will fit and TOTE a water heater or most furnaces
  • UT2424 will fit and TOTE an A-coil or toilet tank and bowl
  • Designed to fit in the back of a pick-up truck, mini-van or back seat of the car.